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All About Me

Hi my name is Shannon and welcome to my closet. I have been painting for about 15 years. I am a wife, mother, craftier, teacher and friend. I started crafting and painting when I was 18 years old. I then started to do craft shows to sell my product in a retail store. From there onto boutiques and now onto my very own web site. I keep myself very busy with taking the "Ordinary" and making it"Extraordinary". I love all the glitz and glamorous things in life. I am not your average girl, I'm a girly girl that always strives to look my best. I am not an expert and I do fall, but I get right back up again. I have found success, but yet I have lost it. I am not perfect but I am definitely a perfectionist. I take pride and joy in painting unique drinking glasses with girly now I invite you to take a walk through my closet and see what unique and Extraordinary things you may find!~ ~XOXO Shannon
There once was a girl named Shannon who had many different duties to perform,whether she was taking her kids to school or lunching with her girlfriends,she always strived to look her best. She liked to be crafty and loved beautiful things, so she decided to Take the Ordinary and make it Extraordinary! And that's when Shannons Closet began...
Welcome to my closet!
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Your glass is hand made with much attention to detail, hand painted and then baked to ensure paint longevity, over a 2-3 day period. Beautiful yet Fragile, these glasses are not recommended for freezer or dishwasher. Please take care when hand washing with cool water and a soft sponge! "SO SINCE IT'S HAND PAINTED, THAN IT NEEDS TO BE HAND WASHED! FREE PERSONALIZING: All my Creations are FREE personalization, with a name or short saying. SHIPPING DELAY: Please note all orders are custom so keep in mind, we are continously busy so please order sooner than later! PRICING: If you feel our prices may be on the higher side, we fully respect your opinions and thoughts. We ask for you to please keep in ming,each glass is custom, personalized, hand-painted, likings. Bulk prices is not effective, due to the extensive amount of orders we receive, I am very sorry but we are not able to do discounts or package deals... Once you receive your custom glassware, you will be so pleased that even the smile you will receive from your loved ones when you give this unique gift will be priceless!!
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